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CarTechIQ and Roli revolutionize automotive repair guidance with AI

United States. Roli, a provider of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions for data and AI pipelines, announced a strategic partnership with CarTechIQ, an AI-powered automotive services and support company.

This collaboration will empower automotive technicians around the world with an innovative solution that leverages the combined power of specialized AI and large language models (LLMs).

The CarTechIQ solution delivers vehicle-specific repair guidance intelligence, leveraging a multitude of sources including manuals and manufacturer technical information, recall history and past service records for both the specific vehicle and similar models. This comprehensive approach outperforms any single resource or the ability of a human technician to compile such information within a reasonable amount of time. By integrating open LLMs, CarTechIQ further refines the solution, ensuring that the most relevant and up-to-date information is available to technicians.

"The robust, stable, and purposeful AI infrastructure provided by Roli supports our technology solution with the best backend API we could ask for," said James Smith, co-founder and CTO of CarTechIQ. "This premium solution saved us months of development time and effort, while eliminating the need to create custom client-side code for wider distribution."

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Roli's IaaS platform provides CarTechIQ with a critical foundation, specifically designed to manage the complex data pipelines and AI processes required for its innovative service. One of the key benefits is the automatic generation of a Software Development Kit (SDK) for CarTechIQ. This SDK empowers CarTechIQ integration partners with seamless access to their AI-powered repair guidance, eliminating the need for further development on their end.

"We are thrilled to partner with CarTechIQ," said Chip Ernst, CEO and co-founder of Roli. "They have developed a highly specialized AI solution, and Roli supports their innovation with our specialized IaaS, a perfect match! Accelerating the availability of its service, elevating the quality of the collective solution and increasing its future agility is a perfect example of how Roli aspires to help partners and customers."

This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration to drive innovation within the automotive service industry. By combining CarTechIQ's domain expertise in AI-powered repair guidance with Roli's world-class IaaS platform, technicians around the world will have a revolutionary tool that simplifies the repair process, improves accuracy, and increases customer satisfaction.

Laura Restrepo
Author: Laura Restrepo
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