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600 billion Argentine pesos in waste, CARVA calls for a change

Argentina. The Chamber of Salvage and Sale of Auto Parts (CARVA) urges the government to amend a law that allows the disposal of 600 billion Argentine pesos (668,850,000 USD) worth of auto parts, due to an old regulation that authorizes only 30 pieces of cars reaching the end of their useful life to be recovered.

"Currently, more than 35 thousand vehicles are discarded per year under this modality. In developed countries, discarded car processors recover between 85% and 95% of the 4,000 parts they consist of, which can be made of up to 40 different materials. In countries like Germany and France, auto parts manufacturers assemble their vehicles with recovered parts as part of their environmental care programs," explains José Luis Álvarez, president of CARVA.

The staggering fact is that, for example, 150,000 reusable tires and 35,000 kg of sheet metal parts in excellent condition are discarded each year, and this must be added to parts such as lights, headlights, mirrors, seats, bumpers, etc. If the regulations are amended, the Chamber estimates generating more than 4,000 direct jobs and over 12,000 indirect ones.

CARVA authorities have already held meetings with officials from the Secretariats of Industry and Foreign Trade of the Nation to address this issue, and they will soon be received by a commission of lawmakers concerned about the problem, given its economic, labor, and even security impact, as it favors the marketing of spare parts in the illegal market.

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"The problem is that in Argentina the current legislation (Law 25.761 and Resolution of the Secretariat of Industry) establishes that only 30 pieces can be recovered from each vehicle and the rest must be destroyed. This limits the growth of companies dedicated to this activity, as well as job creation, also generating a greater environmental impact since most of the parts are not reused," Álvarez argues. He stresses the importance in terms of reducing crime since "we provide original parts at a much lower value than the market price."

In Argentina, there are 164 legal companies dedicated to the recovery and commercialization of recovered spare parts, providing employment for more than 1,500 people and based on the fundamental premise of the lawful acquisition of used auto parts, commercial ethics, and environmental care.

"We want to be part of the solution, so that people know that we could supply the market with the spare parts that are currently scarce, but we need a change in regulations," says the head of CARVA.

Author: Latin Press, Inc. Editorial

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