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Electricity demand from electric vehicles already exceeds figures of entire countries

International. According to the International Energy Agency's Battery and Energy Demand Outlook study, the demand for electric power from electric vehicles is on the rise and surpassing figures for entire countries.

In 2023, the electricity consumption of light-duty vehicles in the United States surpassed that of rail systems. Until 2022 , the railway system was the largest consumer of energy in the country.

As more people use electric vehicles (EVs) around the world, we'll need more electricity to charge them. In 2023, global EVs used aboutthe same amount of electricity as Norway's entire electricity demand. Globally, EVs accounted for about 0.5% of total electricity use in 2023, and about 1% in China and Europe.

In different parts of the world, EVs such as electric cars, motorcycles, and buses, use electricity differently. For example, in China, electric buses and motorcycles accounted for nearly 30% of total electricity consumption by EVs in 2023, while in the United States, electric cars accounted for more than 95%.

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Looking ahead, the demand for electricity to charge EVs is expected to continue to rise. By 2035, it could reach up to 2,200 TWh in one scenario and even more in another. This is because more people are buying EVs and also because EVs are being used more in trucks and buses.

Although electricity demand for EVs is increasing, it still accounts for a small portion of total electricity use worldwide. In addition, EVs help reduce overall energy consumption compared to internal combustion cars, which is good for the environment.

China is the country that uses the most electricity to charge EVs, but other countries such as the United States and Europe are also increasing their use of electricity for EVs.

As more people switch to EVs, it's important to carefully plan how to provide enough electricity to charge them. This includes installing more charging stations and smart load management to prevent spikes in electricity demand. The International Energy Agency has developed tools to help countries plan how to better integrate EVs into their power grids.

Laura Restrepo
Author: Laura Restrepo
Editora en Latin Press, Inc.
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