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The Biden Administration announced support for the automotive industry

Vicepresidenta Kamala Harris en la Gira de Oportunidades Económicas

United States. The Biden-Harris Administration announced its support for small and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers and auto workers.

The supporting actions were unveiled during the nationwide Economic Opportunity Tour and build on the Administration's historic investments in the automotive sector to ensure U.S. leadership in the future of clean vehicles.

Among the highlights of the announcement is that the Administration allocated more than $100 million in funding to help small and midsize vehicle parts manufacturers expand or retrofit their manufacturing facilities and address infrastructure needs such as energy efficiency and cybersecurity.

In addition, a significant component of the announcement focuses on expanding workforce training and improving the quality of employment within the electric vehicle (EV) supply chain, with a particular emphasis on automotive communities in the Midwest.

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The Administration has introduced innovative technical assistance programs designed to support small and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers and their communities in taking advantage of the growth opportunities presented by the EV sector and other emerging markets. These programs will provide valuable resources and guidance to ease the transition to sustainable and competitive manufacturing practices.

"This significant investment and full suite of actions announced by Vice President Harris will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the industry," said Bill Long, President and CEO of MEMA. "This is a clear step in the right direction for our members, empowering them to thrive in the evolving vehicle ecosystem."

Laura Restrepo
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