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Dayco Adds Nearly 30 Part Numbers in March


United States. Dayco announced that it will add coverage to three of its product lines: serpentine belt kits, belts and hoses.

The 29 new part numbers will be available at the end of March for distributors interested in expanding their product coverage. The following is a breakdown of part numbers by product category:

4 serpentine belt part numbers: for '18-'22 Camrys, RAV4s, Accords, Altimas, and Rogues, as well as '20-'22 Silverado and Sierra Duramax trucks.

5 Serpentine Belt Kits: Add 3m of VIO coverage to Dayco's line of serpentine belt kits that now covers more than 150 million cars in operation.

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20 hoses, including curved, branched and heating hoses for millions of vehicle applications.

"These new product introductions are part of a strategic effort at Dayco to ensure coverage across a wide range of makes and models, especially those we are seeing hit the sweet spot," said Jerry Reeves, product management manager, Dayco North America.

"We expect to see more line expansions in the coming months as we continue to look for new applications to bring to market," he said.

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
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