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Liqui Moly and Formula 1 expand their collaboration

International. Liqui Moly, German motor oil manufacturer, signs a multi-year collaboration agreement with Formula 1 until the end of 2026.

The image is already common in the world of motorsports: the Liqui Moly logo on the billboards of Formula 1 circuits.

With this new contract, the well-known company for motor oils, additives and car care products will remain an "official partner" up to and including 2026.

Liqui Moly has been an "official partner" in this world famous championship since 2019. As an official partner, Liqui Moly will continue to have physical and virtual signage at exclusive competition events.

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Liqui Moly CEO Günter Hiermaier commented on the contract extension: “With its constant evolution and innovations, and breaking records of expectation, Formula 1 remains the most emblematic competition in motorsport.”

“In our business, we aspire to the same thing. So it is only natural that two such strong brands continue to work together,” he added.

For the well-known manufacturer of oils and additives, the "queen category" is an already established sponsorship. The company has a long tradition and was already advertising on the rear wing of Mercedes-Sauber almost thirty years ago. The Ulm-based company joined the Jordan-Honda team as a sponsor in 2002.

This is how Peter Baumann, marketing director of Liqui Moly, expressed himself during the signing of the contract in Bahrain: "The media reach of Formula 1 far exceeds traditional channels."

“This competition is supported by unparalleled 360-degree global marketing. What unites our two brands is the permanent desire to inspire as many people as possible around the world with our product. That is why I am so satisfied with the extension of this contract,”he explained.

Johnny Haworth, Director of Commercial Partnerships for Formula 1, reaffirmed: "This new multi-year agreement symbolizes a strong collaboration between two partners for many years."

"We want to continue to integrate Liqui Moly into the unique F1 fan experience and continue our mission to bring the world's greatest sporting and entertainment spectacle to life for our fans," he said.

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“The popularity of Formula 1 continues to grow steadily. Therefore, being able to continue presenting this premium sponsorship to our customers and partners is a very good sign," said Günter Hiermaier, CEO of Liqui Moly.

Liqui Moly is also advertised in MotoGP, is the exclusive lubricant supplier to the Motocross World Championship and was announced in January at the Handball World Championship and countless winter sports competitions.



Author: lpi-english

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