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Telwin launches new range of ON-OFF accessories and switches

The new range of accessories includes magnetic on/off brackets and welding markers. As announced by Telwin, "the range of accessories is designed to offer customers a wide range of versatile and quality tools."

In addition to the standard magnetic brackets, two models with ON/OFF switch are available to activate and deactivate the magnetic force. "They are ideal for positioning and fastening materials with precision and ease during welding operations at angles of 45°, 90° and 135°. They can be used in sheets, plates, round or flat tubes, corners and to drag and lift materials," the company said.

As for the welding marker, it is useful for marking during welding work on materials such as steel, iron and aluminum. For Telwin "it allows you to fully use chalk, in addition to protecting it from accidental breakage during use".

The embossed surface is designed to ensure greater support during use.

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