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Ansell analyzed PPE trends in the automotive industry

Mexico. Mexico's PPE company, Ansell, hosted its Webinar on automotive industry trends in personal protective equipment.

The Mexican automotive industry contributes 4% to the national GDP and 20.5% to the manufacturing GDP, in addition, it had a growth of 14.23% so far in 2024.

According to figures from the OICA (International Organization of Vehicle Manufacturers), Mexico ranked seventh in the ranking of the countries that produce the most vehicles in the world, along with Germany in sixth place and Spain in eighth place.

That is why the PPE company exposed the trends in its business for the automotive market, trends defined from the needs of the sector:

  • Multi-hazard protection: gloves that can withstand heat, impact, cut, and with TCR protection.
  • Gloves according to the regulation and with maximized cut protection.
  • Touchscreen, an important development for workers in the industry, as gloves should not be removed to operate machinery containing touch screens.
  • Gloves with electrical protection due to the growth of electric vehicle production.
  • Manufacturing with renewable energy.
  • Sustainability, the production of gloves from reused materials.
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With these trends, the company launched its first multipurpose glove, among a wide range of protective products for, mainly, assemblers in the automotive industry. This HyFlex 11-842 glove is made from 90% recycled nylon, it's sustainably made. Its ergonomic design provides comfort and ease of breathability.

Laura Restrepo
Author: Laura Restrepo
Editora en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicadora social y periodista apasionada por las letras e historias. [email protected]

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