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TOPDON USA Launches New Diagnostic Scanner

United States. With a more robust topology with the option to add ADAS calibration software, as well as greater compatibility with a larger number of vehicles, the Phoenix Lite 3 is a diagnostic scanner for any professional technician.

"We are excited to announce our new Phoenix Lite 3 model, which increases technology and usability at a highly competitive price point. We've expanded the compatibility of the Phoenix Lite 3 for use on 168 vehicle makes and models, and added precision topology capabilities that allow technicians to visualize all major car systems with a single click," said Chad Schnitz, Vice President of TOPDON USA.

The Phoenix Lite 3 is a compact tool designed for automotive professionals, enthusiasts, and small repair shops. It features an easy-to-read 8-inch color LCD display with a powerful 4-core processor running Android 10.0.

Its precision topology mapping allows for quick troubleshooting and isolation. The Phoenix Lite 3 offers comprehensive coverage of 35 maintenance services to cover essential tasks such as oil reset, EBP, and suspension, as well as specialized features including add/replace key fobs, battery sensor module learning, and tire pressure sensor learning.

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Additional features of the Phoenix Lite 3 include:

  • CAN-FD protocol for greater compatibility with modern vehicles, including GM and Chrysler vehicles from 2020 onwards.
  • FCA's Secure Gateway that facilitates a complete trouble-free diagnosis in more contemporary cars such as Fiat without the need for separate adapters.
  • Compatibility with TOPDON's professional products, including BT Mobile ProS, Oscilloscope, TC001 Thermal Imaging, Phoenix ADAS and T-Ninja Box.
  • Evaluation of component integrity and functionality to facilitate rapid identification of failure causes for faster and more efficient repairs.
  • Wireless diagnostics via VCI for flexible operation within Bluetooth VCI range.
  • Detailed diagnostic reports that can be generated and shared for data backup.

"The Phoenix Lite 3 is a revolutionary tool for automotive repair enthusiasts and professionals," said Schnitz. "The technology we have incorporated into this scanner is upgradable and will become a valuable tool to speed up repair and maintenance with a simple, easy-to-use solution."

Laura Restrepo
Author: Laura Restrepo
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