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Denise Dignam Named President and CEO of Chemours

United States. Chemours announced the appointment of Denise Dignam, currently interim executive director, to the positions of president, CEO and member of the Board of Directors.

Ms. Dignam joined Chemours in 2015. He brings more than 35 years of experience in the chemical industry, where he has held senior positions in business and operations, sales and marketing, merchandising and supply chain. She has served as Interim Chief Executive Officer since February 2024, and prior to that she served as President of the Titanium Technologies (TT) segment and President of the Advanced Performance Materials (APM) segment, two businesses that account for more than 68% of Chemours' net sales in 2023.

As President of Titanium Technologies, Ms. Dignam implemented TT's Transformation Plan, achieved significant operational savings in 2023, refocused the portfolio to deliver more customer value, and developed process improvements for better resource utilization across the manufacturing circuit.

During his tenure at Advanced Performance Materials, he reconfigured the portfolio to focus resources on secular growth opportunities in Clean Energy and Advanced Electronics. To further accelerate growth, he drove strategic partnerships and initiatives around the world, and improved the overall cost structure of the business, laying the foundation for further cost optimization.

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"I am excited and honored to take on the role of President and CEO. Chemours is defined by its core chemists, the customer applications our chemicals enable, our manufacturing capabilities, and just as importantly, our people and core values. Looking ahead, I will focus on strengthening our portfolio with emerging and high-value growth opportunities, and ensuring we are operating as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible," says Ms. Dignam.

Dawn Farrell, Chair of the Chemours Board of Directors, added, "Denise has the full support of the Board, and we are pleased to have an experienced and capable executive who is so highly regarded inside and outside of Chemours for her leadership record in the APM and TT business segments. Denise is a high-caliber leader who has the experience and ability to create shareholder value while upholding our core values and serving our valued clients."

Chemours has a portfolio of thermal and specialty solutions of advanced performance materials for automotive designs, such as lubricants, elastomer parts, air conditioning refrigerants, and other technologies.

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Author: Laura Restrepo
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