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"AutoAméricas is in our home"

Latin America. In conversation with Aftermarket International, the CEO of TVA Automotive, Tony Diaz, told about the history of this U.S.-based company, its projects underway for this year and its participation in AutoAmericas in Miami.

"We are responsible as a brand from Canada to Patagonia," Diaz said of this Miami-based company, which has seven offices, specializing in steering, suspension, brakes and brake bearing.

The company has original equipment factories in addition to distribution centers in different countries, including the Asia region. The team is made up of 250 employees, both direct and indirect, and includes 15 consultants operating in five sectors of the automotive world; from cars, SUVs, trucks, buses to heavy vehicles.

The company has developed partnerships with other factories for engine projects. For this 2024, outside of the traditional time and transmission belts, they have incorporated the development of products such as rings, oil and water pumps for original equipment.

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Finally, Tony was very excited about the company's participation in AutoAmericas, because "it is in our home." Although they have been present at multiple world fairs such as Frankfurt, Mexico, Brazil or Panama, they had never been to this fair at home, in the United States.

"There are many clients from South and Central America who come to Miami for banking issues, among others; What could be better than coming to this wonderful city to vacation, and apart from that to be able to visit our suppliers and we to be able to receive our customers in our home," he said.

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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