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Expopartes Cúcuta left close to US$10 million in future business

Colombia. The first Expopartes Trade Show in Cúcuta, organized by the Association of the Automotive Sector and its Parts (Asopartes), was successfully held on November 16 and 17.

The event, which had the support of the Government of Norte de Santander and the Chamber of Commerce of this city on the border with Venezuela, brought together more than 1,200 visitors and 47 exhibitors.

The executive president of Asopartes, Carlos Andrés Pineda Osorio, highlighted that the sample leaves close to US$10 million in future business. "This achievement has been achieved thanks to trust, time, the solid commercial structure and the remarkable influx of people who visited us," he said.

The exhibition served to satisfy the need of Colombian and Venezuelan entrepreneurs to obtain parts, parts and other products for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, last-mile mobility solutions, heavy and light transport, and intermunicipal transport.

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During the two days of the event, an academic agenda was developed that addressed topics such as the relevance of the automotive sector in the binational dynamics, the strengths and challenges of the Colombian-Venezuelan automotive sector, and female leadership in the automotive sector.

Two important discussions were highlighted. The first was entitled "Relevance of the automotive sector in the binational dynamics, potentialities and perspectives", with the participation of the Deputy Director of Management and Investigation of the Police, Major Óscar Eduardo Gómez, and the leader of economic studies of the Chamber of Commerce of Cúcuta, Isabel Ramírez.

The second discussion, "Binational Business Sector: Colombian-Venezuelan Automotive Sector; Strengths, Challenges and Difficulties" was attended by the executive president of Canidra Venezuela, Roger Flores; the executive president of the Colombian-Venezuelan Chamber, Juan Gabriel Pérez Chaustre, and the executive president of Asopartes, Carlos Andrés Pineda.

The focus on female leadership in the automotive industry also took place during the event, demonstrating Asopartes' commitment to gender equality. The panel "Female Leadership in the Automotive Sector" brought together four distinguished women entrepreneurs: Mildred Vera from Casa Diesel, Distriparts Colombia; Martha Lilia Martinez of Troques y Cajas; Esperanza de Borrero from Racores y Manhoses de Colombia, and Araminta Hernández from Rectificadora Hernández – Diesel Technical Laboratory.

The activity was hosted by Norvy Yilena Barreiro, manager of Netpartes, and Shirley Contreras Salazar, executive director of Asopartes Seccional Norte de Santander.

"It was a very nice activity with many teachings and with women full of courage, women with companies with more than 40 years in the auto parts market," said Pineda Osorio.

Likewise, several technical talks were carried out that enriched the knowledge of the participants. Among them, the director of the Mechanical Engineering Program of the ECCI University, Geovanny Muñoz, offered one on technical and professional training in the automotive sector, addressing issues such as vehicle maintenance and commercialization of auto parts.

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The companies Autovenz and Inversiones Duque also contributed with talks. Autovenz gave a lecture on distribution kits and engine mounts, while Inversiones Duque addressed the stopping and analysis of sensor and actuator failures in automotive systems.

The trade show was an opportunity to strengthen collaboration and growth of the automotive industry in the region.

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
Editor en Latin Press, Inc.
Comunicador social y periodista con experiencia de más de 15 años en medios de comunicación. Apasionado por hacer de la vida una historia para contar. [email protected]

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