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Advance obtains UL validation for DieHard batteries

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United States. Advance Auto Parts has announced that its DieHard brand of Platinum and Gold automotive batteries has received circular economy validation as confirmed by UL.

Clarios produces DieHard Platinum and Gold batteries. Advance now offers three types of DieHard batteries that are UL validated.

Last year, Advance and DieHard received validation for their Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) battery, making it the first automotive battery to receive UL's special designation.

Also manufactured by Clarios, DieHard AGM batteries have applications for internal combustion, start-stop, hybrid and electric vehicles.

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UL's team of experts used a science-based mass balance approach within its recycled content standard (UL 2809, Environmental Declaration Validation for Recycled Content) to validate the sustainable recovery and manufacturing process of DieHard Platinum and Gold batteries.

Used batteries collected from Advance's retail stores undergo a recovery process, with recycled plastics and lead used by Clarios in the production of new DieHard AGM, Platinum and Gold batteries.

"Advance is pleased to continue our commitment to environmental sustainability by partnering with Clarios to achieve this validation for DieHard Platinum and Gold batteries," said Advance Executive Vice President of Marketing, Marketing and E-Commerce Jason McDonell.

"Through UL's extensive research, we are proud to say that every DieHard AGM, Platinum and Gold battery sold at Advance and Carquest locations contains recycled content from old batteries returned to our stores," McDonell said.

"We appreciate the effort and research of Clarios and UL to secure this validation, and we look forward to advancing today's motorists with more sustainable battery options for their vehicles."

During the validation process, UL determined that the new DieHard Platinum and Gold batteries contain a minimum of 94% recycled content from batteries collected at Advance retail stores, significantly reducing the environmental impact and resources needed to manufacture new plastics or extract virgin lead.

"We were proud to partner with Advance to help them obtain UL circular economy validation for their Platinum, Gold and AGM DieHard batteries," said Clarios Chief Sustainability Officer Adam Muellerweiss.

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"Battery recycling is vitally important to the future of transportation and we are committed to leading efforts and partnering with customers around the world to scale up and support battery recycling programs," Muellerweiss said.

DieHard batteries are sold at participating Advance and Carquest stores nationwide. DieHard batteries are also available at participating TechNet Professional independent repair shops throughout North America.

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