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Alliance Appoints New Business Intelligence Coordinator

United States. Since January 1 of this year, Greg Havekost is the new Business Intelligence Coordinator of Auto Parts Alliance.

In this role, Havekost will play a key role in the development of Alliance data solutions and their implementation and use for the company's shareholder members.

"Greg has been a valued member of Alliance's information technology team and we can't wait to see what he can do in this new role," said Alliance Business Intelligence and Data Services Manager Ethan Love.

"His job functions will continue to expand in business intelligence and will play a key role in continued efforts to improve the Alliance Technology Suite."

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In this role, Havekost works with Alliance Data Warehouse and Inventory Optimization Tool to improve software communications and work to manage efficiency and processes for inventory and product deployment.

According to the company, Havekost is also the main point of contact for data exchange, which is vital for the growth of the Alliance Commercial Vehicle and Heavy Duty program.

"Greg Havekost has continued to show growth and take on new responsibilities in his Alliance career," said Alliance CIO and vice president of IT, said Dale E. Hopkins.

"Greg continues to present new ideas to enhance the Alliance Business Intelligence solution and now has the role of expanding our data analytics and support offerings to our shareholder members and their sales teams."

Federico Duarte
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