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Multipackage Ignition Coil Kits

Smp Corp
These kits include a complete set of heavy-duty ignition coils that give technicians exactly what they need for a full coil service. Many of the Blue Streak ignition coils are now available in these multiple packages, with coverage for more than 23 million repair opportunities.

Blue Streak heavy-duty coils are designed with upgrades and upgrades that continue to elevate Blue Streak products above the competition.

Variable valve timing solenoid kits were also added to the Blue Streak line for 2017-06 General Motors vehicles equipped with the 2.4L engine and 2010-1999 Lexus and Toyota vehicles with 3.0L and 3.3L 6-cylinder engines. Each kit includes two premium Blue Streak solenoids along with the necessary hardware for a complete VVT solenoid repair solution.


Andrea Ochoa Restrepo
Author: Andrea Ochoa Restrepo
Coordinadora Académica KNX. Editora en Latin Press, Inc. Candidata al título: Magister en Economía Aplicada, con amplia experiencia en medios de comunicación y Políticas Públicas. [email protected]

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