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Continental AG is committed to efficient mobility through holistic connectivity

International. Continental AG has created new products, processes and business models that enable efficient mobility. This then occurs in integration with holistic connectivity, intelligent server concepts, implementation of software solutions and high-performance computing.

With the In-Car Application Server 1 (ICAS1) for the VW ID series, Continental is the first vendor in the world to offer a high-performance vehicle server with the associated software in series production.

With the so-called Continental Automotive Edge Platform, Continental takes a multi-domain approach and offers a modular platform consisting of high-performance computers, software and cloud platforms, as well as services and applications.

The flexible modular system makes it possible to integrate functions from a wide range of areas of the vehicle, such as driving safety or entertainment. "The goal is to offer vehicle manufacturers the greatest possible flexibility and modularity to design vehicle architectures with minimal complexity. Therefore, Continental continues to adapt to the changing requirements and expectations of the market and its stakeholders," the company states.

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According to the company" as vehicles become smarter, more and more automated and more sustainable, their architecture is shifting from distributed structures to centralized structures. This allows for the comprehensive optimization of vehicle architectures, as well as the ability to upgrade and upgrade throughout the life of the vehicle. For Continental, this development means new challenges, but also opportunities."

Michael Hülsewies, Senior Vice President of Architecture and Software, Engineering and Holistic Technologies, said: "The mobility ecosystem, user and customer expectations are undergoing a sea change. This has an impact on the architecture, our portfolio, business models and the way we work. Mobility and connectivity converge and demand new solutions and a new mindset. Continental Automotive Edge Framework allows us to master transformation, enabling vehicles defined by SW... flexible, safe and reliable."

Related to this, and the incorporation of new technology into vehicles, the company argued on its website that "as today's vehicle architectures reach their limits in terms of complexity and capabilities, the future will require centralized server-based architectures that increasingly complement and replace the traditional hardware approach in the industry."

Andrea Ochoa Restrepo
Author: Andrea Ochoa Restrepo
Editora de Informes Especiales en Latin Press, Inc. Comunicadora Social - Periodista, candidata al título: Magister en Economía Aplicada con amplia experiencia en medios de comunicación y Políticas Públicas.

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