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Radial agricultural tire

The GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ subscribes to the GREEN XLR EARTH series, which is developed to protect and nourish the earth, the company says. It is produced with 37.5% sustainable materials, while offering superior functional properties to drive high tractor performance and productivity in global markets.

Like the GREEN XLR EARTH series that was previously presented at the Farm Progress Show in Iowa, USA, in August 2022, GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ also includes recycled, sustainable and bio-based materials. This tire, which is also green in color, is constructed with pure natural rubber, highly dispersible silica, recycled carbon black, and rubber recovered from used tires.

Natural soybean oil, which is a sustainable material, has also been used instead of petroleum-based oil, and the carbon footprint has been reduced as it is produced using recycled and bio-based materials.


Andrea Ochoa Restrepo
Author: Andrea Ochoa Restrepo
Coordinadora Académica KNX. Editora en Latin Press, Inc. Candidata al título: Magister en Economía Aplicada, con amplia experiencia en medios de comunicación y Políticas Públicas. [email protected]

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