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  •  Special line of fuel pumps
    Delphi TechnologiesAdditions to the Sparta line cover 4.9 million VIO in the U.S. and nearly 347,000 VIO in Canada. Products include fuel pump module assemblies, fuel tank shipping units, fuel pump filters, mechanical and electrical fuel pumps, and fuel pump check valves.
  •  Mobile application for automotive filter exchange
    Purolator FiltersThe PurolatorDIY app is available for iPhone and Android mobile device users and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play. It allows consumers to access up-to-date catalog information for all Purlator oil, air, cabin air and fuel filters.
  • Forked radiator hose
    DaycoThe Dayco hose for bifurcated radiator is an ideal replacement for the original forked hose.
  • Additive
    Liqui MolyAdditives ensure cleanliness and corrosion protection, for stable lubrication and temperature resistance.
  • Saturation injectors
    RC Fuel InjectionDirect injection has become increasingly popular with vehicle manufacturers because it can precisely deliver a specific amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. But, like port injectors, they can and do clog. In addition to fuel related clogging, direct injector tips can become contaminated with carbon from combustion events.