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  • Today's Wheel Speed Sensors
    Today's Wheel Speed Sensors
    Wheel speed sensors have changed over the years, as have diagnostic aids. While oscilloscopes are great diagnostic tools, it's no longer common to see technicians drive them to diagnose problems with the wheel speed sensor in newer vehicles. By Taylor Wolff
  • Common tips and tricks for chassis repair
    Common tips and tricks for chassis repair
    Almost every technician has common tips and tricks for chassis repair that your fellow alignment, chassis, and service technicians could sit down and discuss for weeks. When you work in a workshop with workshop policies and procedures, in addition to your own habits, likes and dislikes, it seems that things are always done a certain way. By...
  • The importance of air filters in heavy vehicles
    The importance of air filters in heavy vehicles
    Dust and debris are the main invisible threats to heavy machinery and machine operators on industrial job sites. By Joao DaCosta*
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  • Automotive brake pads
    Automotive brake pads
    Brake Parts Element3 brake pads are the pinnacle of automotive brake pads. With enhanced hybrid HD technology and professional grade formulations.
  • Windshield wiper
     Windshield wiper
    TricoTRICO Asian Fit is designed to meet the specific needs of vehicles manufactured in Asia, while improving conventional wipers.
  • Batteries for Car and Truck MTX Line
    Batteries for Car and Truck MTX Line
    Interstate BatteriesThe MTX line offers extended service life and premium performance as an absorbed fiberglass (AGM) battery or enhanced flood battery (EFB) and a free 36-month replacement warranty.
  • Vehicle Repair App
    Vehicle Repair App
    CytkThe app allows technicians to use machine learning and natural language understanding to perform their work with a greater degree of accuracy by accessing manufacturer information about the vehicle they are preparing for service. The information is available in a smartphone app on iOS or Android devices.
  • Oil cooler system
    Oil cooler system
    FordThere are different types of oil coolers, depending on their operating system: the oil-water and oil-air cooler differs. First of all, the oil-water cooler works by means of a heat exchanger, which works by dissipating excess heat and cooling cold air, to maintain a continuous temperature suitable for proper operation.