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  • The agility of the automotive sector today
    The agility of the automotive sector today
    The global disruption caused by Covid-19 left an indisputable lesson: Agility is indispensable, it is the secret of resilience and the ability to adapt to unexpected changes. By José Rivero*
  • Latino Startups Make Their Way in U.S.
    Latino Startups Make Their Way in U.S.
    Three Venezuelan businessmen tell what it has been like to build a brand and make themselves known in the US aftermarket.
  • The latest technologies on the market were exhibited in Frankfurt
    The latest technologies on the market were exhibited in Frankfurt
    International. Visitors showed great interest in the new 'Innovation4Mobility' showcase, which covered topics such as battery technology, alternative propulsion systems, hydrogen, solar technology, e-commerce and connected vehicles.
  • "The USMCA increased the need for auto parts from 62.5% to 75%"
    Latin America. In an exclusive interview, the president of the INA gave us his impressions on what the last INA PAACE fair left behind, as well as the impact of the USMCA together with nearshoring and the generation of talent to surpass Germany and be the fourth world producer of auto parts.
  • Today's Wheel Speed Sensors
    Today's Wheel Speed Sensors
    Wheel speed sensors have changed over the years, as have diagnostic aids. While oscilloscopes are great diagnostic tools, it's no longer common to see technicians drive them to diagnose problems with the wheel speed sensor in newer vehicles. By Taylor Wolff
  • Common tips and tricks for chassis repair
    Common tips and tricks for chassis repair
    Almost every technician has common tips and tricks for chassis repair that your fellow alignment, chassis, and service technicians could sit down and discuss for weeks. When you work in a workshop with workshop policies and procedures, in addition to your own habits, likes and dislikes, it seems that things are always done a certain way. By...
  • The importance of air filters in heavy vehicles
    The importance of air filters in heavy vehicles
    Dust and debris are the main invisible threats to heavy machinery and machine operators on industrial job sites. By Joao DaCosta*
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  • Saturation injectors
    Saturation injectors
    RC Fuel InjectionDirect injection has become increasingly popular with vehicle manufacturers because it can precisely deliver a specific amount of fuel into the combustion chamber. But, like port injectors, they can and do clog. In addition to fuel related clogging, direct injector tips can become contaminated with carbon from combustion events.
  • Clutches
    ACDelcoThese have thermal and mechanical resistance, speed of maneuver and adherence. Additional has a precise balance. They are manufactured under original equipment specifications and with high quality materials. They also have a 12-month or 20.00 km warranty.
  • Radial agricultural tire
    Radial agricultural tire
    GRIThe GREEN XLR EARTH 65+ subscribes to the GREEN XLR EARTH series, which is developed to protect and nourish the earth, the company says. It is produced with 37.5% sustainable materials, while offering superior functional properties to drive high tractor performance and productivity in global markets.
  • Synthetic oil
    Synthetic oil
    RoshfransRUN-PWR TRI-SYNTHETIC oils are ideal, formulated with three synthetic bases and additives of the highest technology, including Titanium molecules, to meet and exceed the most demanding engine tests required by the API SP Service Category required by today's engines.
  • Brake Bands
     Brake Bands
    ACDelcoThe drum brake is a type of brake in which friction is caused by a pair of bands pressing against the inner surface of a rotating drum, which is connected to the axle or wheels. Its crescent geometry is shaped for perfect mounting on the vehicle.