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BendPak launches Mobi-EVS EV and powertrain lifting systems

Sistema de elevación de tren motriz

International. BendPak announced its new family of Mobi-EVSTM EV battery and powertrain lifting systems that includes an updated EV2400SL model and a new higher-capacity EV4000SL model.

BendPak says it has improved, expanded and branded its line of EV battery scissor lift tables to make the maintenance of electric and internal combustion vehicles more efficient than ever.

According to the company, Mobi-EVS high-bay mobile scissor lift tables, powered by batteries, have a patent-pending design that makes them perfectly suited for removing and installing high-voltage battery packs or internal combustion powertrain components.

With the push of the button on the hanging control, the 40-inch by 60-inch lifting platform rises more than 6 feet in less than 20 seconds. Multiple recessed anchor locations accommodate a variety of accessories, adapters and modular fixtures for maximum versatility.

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Bendpak notes that Mobi-EVS's new EV4000SL model offers a class-rated load capacity of 4,000 pounds, enough to safely support the high-voltage battery packs of most electric vehicles on the road, as well as traditional powertrain components.

Both models now feature an integrated sliding plate platform that allows effortless side-to-side scrolling of up to 1.5 inches along both axes for precise adjustment and alignment of parts.

BendPak highlights that small improvements that can have a big impact on technician productivity include more ergonomic platform handles and larger tool trays that extend along the platform on both sides, keeping fasteners and tools within easy reach.

"As OEMs launch more EVs, we have adapted our EV battery and powertrain lift system to stay at the forefront of the technology needed to service these cutting-edge vehicles," said BendPak President and CEO Jeff Kritzer.

"Mobi-EVS lift tables can handle high-voltage battery packs from a Tesla Model 3 to a Ford F-150 Lighting to a GMC Hummer EV1. They protect technicians by eliminating the lifting, lowering and manual positioning of heavy battery packs and facilitating their ergonomic movement around the workshop," adds Kritzer.

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