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Liqui Moly announces leadership change

Liqui Moly

International. Uli Weller has been appointed Managing Director, in addition to Günter Hiermaier.

Liqui Moly has announced that Uli Weller has been appointed Managing Director, in addition to Günter Hiermaier.

Weller, the company's long-standing commercial director in Ulm, will become the second CEO of the group of companies in early 2023.

For Liqui Moly, this is a logical step and a guarantee of lasting stability and security.

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"My responsibility is to lead our company towards a secure future. For me, a second CEO means perfect strategic support," said Hiermaier.

With this step, Weller will be promoted to additional managing director of the Liqui Moly Group, which also includes Meguin GmbH & Co. KG Mineraloelwerke in Saarlouis, as well as numerous Liqui Moly subsidiaries abroad.

"Dr. Weller is one of the people who shaped Liqui Moly. For more than a decade, he has made a reliable contribution to our success," Hiermaier said of his valued colleague. Heimaier remains the company's spokesman.

"He has internalized our values, helped shape our strategies as Chief Commercial Officer and knows the company like no one else."

Federico Duarte
Author: Federico Duarte
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